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19 reasons why you NEED to listen to The Life Of Pablo

It's been a while since I've been so obsessed with an album I've had to listen to it on nonstop loop at every opportunity (including on loud speaker running through Attenborough Nature Reserve, soz nature).

It's no surprise these 19 songs from Kanye are ruling my speakers, I proudly attend the church of Yeezus. Here's 19 reasons why you should stop what you're listening to and let TLOP take over your ears immediately:  

  1. It's been a long time coming. He teased 'So Help Me God' in 2014, which changed it's name to 'Swish' in 2015 and finally landed in our laps as 'The Life Of Pablo' in February.

  2. That launch party. What a bizarre and beautiful thing it was. Not many people could turn up to the world's most famous arena, plug in their laptop in to the nearest aux cable and command so much attention worldwide.

  3. He put all of his creativity into his album hence that bland clothing line. Yeezy Season 3 previewed at the album launch and whilst it was amusing watching the models trying to play it cool at the coolest event on the planet, Primark will continue to supply my joggers.

  4. All of the Kardashian references. As much as I don't want to know what Kim and the squad are up to every minute of their lives, I also need to stop lying to myself. Rob and Blac Chyna get a shout too.

  5. That line about Taylor Swift in 'Famous'. I'm team Swift here, she's a fantastic role model for females wanting to boss it at life with the right attitude. But take Kanye's line with the humour the rest of the album is written with and you can see why it's in there.

  6. Love or hate a Kanye Twitter rant, this guy does have a pretty huge talent. You can't avoid this man on social media so why not find out for yourself why he loves himself so much (hint: it's because he's a bloomin' great rapper with some amazing lines). 
  8. He's hitting those gospel tones last heard on 'Jesus Walks' circa 2014. Let's face it, there's never going to be a Kanye album that will top 'The College Dropout' but it's good to have some of those familiar sounds back.

  9. Kanye's finally mastered auto-tune on 'Highlights'. He decided to experiment with auto-tune back in 2008 with '808s & Heartbreaks', at that point I decided Kanye and I were on a break. 8 years later the breaks over and he's nailed it.

  10. Kim's ex gets a shout. There's a fun and witty theme streaming through the album and props to Kanye for mentioning Ray J, the star of his wife's sex tape that started this Kardashian takeover.   

  11. "Kanye Loves Kanye". 'I Love Kanye' is a 45 second acapella rap from his ego about his ego. Simple, clever and funny.

  12. His favourite song of 2015 was Bieber and Jack U's 'What Do You Mean?'. He knows what's good.

  13. The list of collab's is incredible. Here's just some of the names; Chance The Rapper, Drake, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Swizz Beats, Andre 3000. WOW.

  14. He's repping fresh, young producers. He chose 20 year old producer Mitus' version of 'FML' to feature on the final TLOP. I was still getting over my freshers hangover aged 20.

  15. He samples an insanely talented 18 year old who raps about pandas (sort of). Desiigner was announced as the new signing to Kanye's label G.O.O.D. Music at the album launch party in February. Kanye's reworking of Desiigner's 'Panda' (that's about a car not the animal, unfortunately) works so good on 'Pt. 2'.

  16. There's hints a Kanye x Drake album could still happen. 'Wolves', the title of track 12, was also the name of his and drakes album they were going to make before Jay Z distracted Kanye  with 'Watch The Throne'. Drake produced some of TLOP too. PLZ MAKE THAT ALBUM, GUYS!

  17. Kanye x Kendrick = something special.  There's not a lot more to explain here. Two greats came together and made something special. You should listen to it.

  18. That 'Deep Inside' sample on 'Fade'. One of my favourite bits of the album is on the last track of the album when Hardrive's house track from 1993 kicks in.  Oh man, it all just fits in so perfectly!

  19. It's finally finished... I think. Since it's release Kanye's re-edited it a few times and who knows it may evolve further. As much as I just want the final thing so I can learn every beat inside out, it's kinda exciting knowing that it might change

  20. And if none of that has convinced you, listen to Lido's 8 minute remix of the entire album. You'll soon realise The Life Of Pablo needs your full attention.

Given it a listen? What do you think?


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