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A marathon playlist

On Sunday I ran 26.2 miles. Hours and months of training paid off as I made it around the London Marathon course without stopping or walking.

Sure, the weekends of long runs were essential training but the other part of getting through that 4 hours and 46 minutes was in my head. Alongside some amazing support from family and friends around the route, my playlist pulled me through!

Here's how I made it around that silly distance:

Mile 1-5

Everything is all great at this point. Yeah, there may be many miles ahead of me but excitement and adeneline are fuelling my feet. The hardest bit at this point is sticking to my agreed pace so I've got something left for a few hours time when the miles feel longer. Jamie XX is chilled enough to stop me sprinting off and this track is a reminder that in 4 and a bit hours I'll have a beer in my hand!

Mile 5-13

Heading towards the halfway marker, my first mental checkpoint, and things are still alright. I've been running for almost 2 hours and it's a distance I'm happy with but the thought of doing it all over again isn't the one. I start to get a little bored too, I have a short attention span. Time for a distraction, cue 3 mins and 56 seconds of pretending to be in Little Mix, shooting my music video whilst running through the streets of London.

Mile 13-17

At this point of the London course you cross paths with the more athletic ones on the other side of the road heading back towards the finish line, this ain't a great moral boost! I know that's going to be me soon enough (in an hour), so it's time to get some sass on and get all empowered. I GOT THIS!

Mile 17-21

Probably the hardest bit. The end seems so far away but the crowds are better than jelly babies! It's amazing how much of a boost a complete stranger reading your name off your shirt can have. I've got one focus; keep my head up and look for the next mile marker.

Mile 21-26.2

Here we go, the last push is on. My lack of energy and aching legs start to matter less and less with each mile I pass. I'm heading to the finish line, a medal and a beer. The music gets turned up louder and my eyes are fixed on looking for Big Ben, a sign that the end is near. If I trick my head in to thinking there's a party going on, it'll take me all the way yeah?!

So that's it, 26.2 miles is easy really if you break it down with some good pop and house music! Seriously though, if you are going to attempt a marathon, I 100% recommend you get your favourite people to record some words of encouragement to break up your playlist. They'll start talking to you when you don't expect it but just as you need it.


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